All the Places We’ll Go Summer Camp

All the Places We’ll Go – Ages 2-5 August 16-August 18 10am-12pm While many of us may have been stuck in our houses for the past year, computers and the internet have brought us closer to people around the world than ever before. Learn about cultures from all over the world in this fun wrap […]

To Infinity…And Beyond! Summer Camp

To Infinity…And Beyond!  – Ages 5-9 August 2-August 6 8:30am-4:30pm Robot maids, colonies on mars and… a fridge that can unlock your house? While no one is exactly sure what the future holds, there is no doubt technology will play a huge role. Join us as we launch rockets, command robots, design futuristic cities, and […]

Dino Days Summer Camp

Dino Days – Ages 5-9 July 19-July 23 8:30am-4:30pm Dinosaurs roamed the lands of Utah millions of years ago.  Bring your little T-rex or triceratops as we dig deep into the world of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. From experiencing your own archaeological digs to creating your very own fossils, you’re sure to have a […]

Crafts and Concoctions Summer Camp

Crafts and Concoctions – Ages 2-5 July 12-July 14 10am-12pm Science and art are more similar than you think! Join us this week as we create beautiful pieces of art and explore the science behind them. Things will be fizzing, popping, and changing colors in this exciting camp. Little ones will get to do salt-watercolor […]

Artful Antics Summer Camp

Artful Antics – Ages 5-9 July 5-July 9 8:30am-4:30pm Whether your kid is a Petite Picasso or if they (like us) are still fine tuning their artistic talents, they’ll fit right at home in our artsy day camp. We will paint like Picasso, sculpt like Michelangelo, and make mobiles like Calder during this fun week. […]

Wilderness Weebelos Summer Camp

Wilderness Weebelos – Ages 2-5 June 14-June 16 10am-12pm What better time to explore the great outdoors than summer? Join us as we dive into the world of plants, animals, and the habitats where they live. Campers will learn about the plant cycle while doing yoga, walk to DGCM’s community garden, go on a search […]

Outdoor Explorers Summer Camp

Outdoor Explorers – Ages 5-9 June 7-June 11 8:30am-4:30pm The great outdoors is calling! Summers in Utah encourage us to head out into the wondrous playgrounds of our mountains, lakes, and deserts. Join us as we craft sand art, untangle a knotted food chain, and compete in the EAC (Extreme Animal Championships), and you’ll be […]

Little Summer Scientist II | Age 3 – 6

Experiments and exploration abound in our second set of little scientist activities. Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering take center stage in this 3-day activity package as we build, create, and explore!

Outdoor Explorers | Age 6 – 9

From water and weather to plants and animals, join us as we explore the wonderful world of plant Earth. A craft, experiment, and game are included in each day of this 5-day activity set.

Little Summer Scientist I | Age 3 – 6

Whether your little one is a rock collector, animal lover, or stargazer you’ll have a blast with our Little Summer Scientist I activity package. This set contains 3 days worth of crafts, experiments, games and more!

Discovery Gateway 2020 Summer Camps

Discovery Gateway has an amazing selection of summer camps to keep your child’s gears turning all summer! Explore STEAM concepts with Discovery Gateway and its partners, Red Butte Garden, Samba Fogo, the Natural History Museum of Utah, and Clark Planetarium! Let your child discover the world and beyond with Discovery Summer Camps!