Shape Memory Game

Shape Memory Game Ages 3 and up Recognizing shapes is a great way for young children to learn about math. Not only are shapes and angles crucial for future math […]

Geometric Sidewalk Chalk Art

              Geometric Sidewalk Chalk Art  For ages 2 and up  Islamic Art in the Middle Ages avoided using figural images, and instead produced beautiful […]

Pipe Cleaner Numbers

Pipe Cleaner Numbers Ages 4 and up This month we are talking about math! Early childhood math is so important, and can be a great opportunity to build positive feelings […]

Counting Flowers

Counting Flowers Ages 3 and up  Welcome to Mathematical May, our month-long celebration of teaching math skills in early childhood! One of the best ways to teach math to young […]

Salt Dough Volcano

Salt Dough Volcano Age Group: for ages 3 and up This experiment is a classic, as well as a crowd pleaser. It is a great family activity, because even young […]

Watercolor Geode

  Watercolor GeodeAges 3 and up Have you ever seen inside a Geode? Ordinary looking on the outside, geodes form when a bubble inside a volcanic or sedimentary rock leave […]

Mountain Pancakes

Mountain PancakesYummy for Everyone This is our favorite geology related breakfast!  Create a landscape in your oven based in this fun recipe. Eggs react to heat to rise in the […]

Grow Some Rock Candy

Grow Some Rock Candy Ages 4 and up with adult help   The kitchen is a great place to practice your science skills, including this tasty experiment to learn about […]

Make a Mini Book

  Make a Mini BookAges 5 and up  To celebrate the PBS Kids Writers Contest, we are going to be making our own mini-journals. The theme of the writing contest […]

Creating a Rock Collection

    Creating a rock collection Ages 3 and up Have you seen our amazing exhibit, Curate Your Community? It features collections of natural materials from local artist Andy White. Today, […]

Sound Scavenger Hunt

Sound Scavenger Hunt Ages 6 and up    It is almost time for another Concert from the Couch! We are so excited to welcome back Your Song, My Song for […]

Eggshell Chalk

Eggshell chalk Ages 5 and up Now is the time of year when a lot of us have some leftover eggshells. Don’t throw them away-recycle them into some beautiful chalk instead. […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Yummy for Everyone  Happy Holi! Holi is a Hindu Holiday that celebrates the return of Spring! All over India, and elsewhere, crowds gather to throw brightly colored powder […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Watch A Seed Grow

Watch a Seed GrowAges 2 and up During Springtime we are surrounded by plants beginning to grow. Today, we are going to set up a science lab on our window. […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Pointillism Project

  Pointillism Project Ages 3 and up   During the month of March, the Museum is displaying the art of local artist Durga Ekambaram in a new exhibit called Intriguing […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Painting with Nature

Painting with Nature Ages 3 and up  Impressionist art is named for its ability to capture the artist’s impressions of a scene. In the 19th century, photography was becoming more […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Tasty Constellations

Astronaut Boot Camp! Tasty Constellations Ages 2 and up This tasty snack is a great way to learn about the stars! Constellations provide landmarks in the night sky and can […]