Reaction Time


Bring More Discovery into Your 5th-Grade Classroom

Reaction Time is our hands-on science outreach program that brings innovative instruction in chemistry to fifth-grade classrooms across Utah. The Reaction Time program covers strands 5.2.2 and 5.2.3 of the fifth-grade SEEd standards.

Program Overview

Reaction Time includes a 50-minute hands-on lab experience with each individual class. During the lab, students learn how to design and perform chemistry experiments under the direction of a Discovery Gateway science outreach instructor. Discovery Gateway also provides teachers with follow-up lesson plans, materials, and science equipment to continue scientific learning in the classroom.

Reaction Time will be offered to every public elementary or charter school and all school districts in the state of Utah every year. Private and parochial schools may request the program for a fee of $300 to cover the cost of program delivery. This fee covers up to three classes (36 students per class). Additional classes are $50 each. Any school more than two hours away from Salt Lake City will require additional travel fees. Priority will be given to public and charter schools.

Reaction Time is funded by the Utah State Board of Education and is part of its iSEE Program.

For more information regarding Reaction Time, you may contact Kaya Lutterman at