Lesson Plans for Teachers to Explore Science Education

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Recommended Grade: K
A story-time to learn about the movements of living and nonliving things and how they can affect seed dispersal in plants.

Wonderful World of Eggs

Recommended Grade: 2nd
Dive into kitchen chemistry with an exploration of the various properties and applications of eggs.

Our Dynamic Landscapes

Recommended Grade: 2nd

An exploration into the ways that Earth’s surface changes over time, what drives these changes, and how humans live on a changing Earth.

The Soil! It's alive! It's alive!

Recommended Grade: 2nd
Encourage students to explore the microscopic world right in their backyard! This activity can be used to teach about soil bacteria, ecology, or the importance of hygiene.

Funny Physical Forces

Recommended Grade: 3rd

Hands-on activities and demonstrations for students to explore the forces of motion we interact with every day.


Magnetism and Electricity

Recommended Grade: 3rd

Students will investigate how electromagnetism affects other objects through a series of demonstrations and experiments.

Nature’s Currency

Recommended Grade: 4th
Students will learn about different forms of energy and how energy gets converted from one form to another.

A Taste of Geology

Recommended Grade: 4th
Three student activities using various foods that help highlight the differences between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock types. This includes a short post-lesson evaluation for the teacher to gauge student understanding.

Nature’s Own Currency

Recommended Grades:
4th, 5th
Multiple activities to help students understand energy, where it comes from (fossil fuels, solar, wind, etc.), and how circuits work

Earth’s Changing Surfaces

Recommended Grades:
4th, 5th, 7th
This is an outline of a science outreach program, complete with an “assembly” portion for the instructor and student activities. Topics covered include: Erosion, weathering, uplifting, deposition, volcanoes, and earthquakes

Plant Cycle Yoga

Recommended Grade: 5th
An integration of movement with learning, this simple yoga practice explores the stages in a plant’s life cycle.

Earth’s Spheres

Recommended Grade: 5th
Students will learn about natural systems and how they interact before trying their hand at designing effective natural disaster defense.

Reaction Time Lab Extended

Recommended Grades:
5th, 6th
Student lab that reinforces the basic concepts of physical and chemical changes. Students choose their own experiment to perform and determine if they observe a physical or chemical change based on the evidence checklist. This is a good follow-up to Discovery Gateway’s Reaction Time visit.

Electricity and Magnetism

Recommended Grades:
5th, 7th
Teacher demonstrations and student activities that introduce the basic concepts of electricity and magnetism. Conductors and resistors are also defined and students can do an activity to sort various materials into the two categories.

So Hot Right Now

Recommended Grade: 6th
Students will learn about natural systems and how they interact before trying their hand at designing effective natural disaster defense.

Extraterrestrial Motions

Recommended Grade: 6th
Students will learn about the movements and scale of our solar system as well as how the phases of our own moon are created by its orbit around Earth.