STEAM Learning Lab – Healthy Frozen Treats

Summer in Utah is warming up fast! A great way to beat the heat is with a cool and yummy treat! This is a fun way to get your kids into in the kitchen to help you make something healthy and delicious. You can you use many different kinds of fruit and fun molds, so get creative and stay cool!

STEAM Learning Lab – Bee Hotel

Do you know that 90% of bees are solitary bees? Unlike Queen Steve and her hive, solitary bees live alone out in the wild. Solitary bees don’t make honey, but they are responsible for pollinating a majority of wild plants and 30% of agricultural crops.

STEAM Learning Lab – Bee Rockets

Today we are going to make objects fly with air pressure! Air takes up space, just like all matter, and when it pushes on something it can have a big effect! Here at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, we can see this happening in the ball tubes in our Pollinator. The plastic balls are heavier than air, but the air can still push them through the tubes by putting pressure on them.

The Night Before Halloween

Class Name Tuesdays | 11 am, 12, 2 & 3 pm Become a master storyteller and develop your child’s critical thinking skills during this class. Class for children 18 months – 3 years. Parents must remain with their child during entire session. Sign up to participate at the Information Desk. Limit 12 students per class.

Bumble Bee Bash!

Join us for our annual fundraiser, the Bumble Bee Bash! This family-friendly event offers fun, food, drinks and of course play!

Bee Day | Special Guest: Wasatch Beekeepers

The flowers are blooming, and the bees are back! Join us for a celebration of the bees’ return and their big Bee-Day! Our special guests, the Wasatch Beekeepers, will be here to welcome back the Live Hive honey bee colony with a fun day of buzzworthy activities, including naming the Queen bee and giveaways!