A Mardi Gras Family Night

A Mardi Gras Family Night | March, 1st at 6PM Get ready to let the good times roll at our Mardi Gras Family Night at the museum! Dress up in […]

STEAM Learning Lab – Earth Balloon Painting

Let’s paint a picture of our planet, as seen from space! This activity is a great way to try painting with some different materials. The half-filled balloons present a fun challenge and lets your child play with the shapes that the balloon makes on the paper. The round shape of the Earth works well with the circular “brush strokes” of the balloon.

STEAM Learning Lab – Spring Plant Prints

Now that everything outside is blooming, it’s the perfect time to make plant art! This could also be a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day! This activity preserves the image of the plants on a beautiful background. It is also a good chance to experiment with art activities that use multiple, different tools to make a single piece of artwork-also known as mixed media art!

STEAM Learning Lab – Cardboard Loom Bracelets

Celebrate the arrival of spring by making a bright bracelet! Unlike usual friendship bracelet making methods, we will be recycling cardboard into a user-friendly loom that will make the bracelet making process easier.

STEAM Learning Lab – Tulip Dissection, Learning the Parts of a Flower

As spring arrives, there are beautiful flowers to enjoy. Even though flowers look different from each other, they all have the same basic parts. We are going to look inside a flower and see the different parts that it is made of! Make sure to always get permission before picking a flower and have an adult help you with this activity.

STEAM Learning Lab – Inverted Plastic Bottle Planter

Happy Earth Day! Today we are partnering with the American Chemical Society to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Find some fun activities on their website  To show some love for the planet we are going to recycle a plastic bottle into a self-watering planter. This easy to maintain planter makes a great place to watch fruits and vegetables grow

STEAM Learning Lab – Bubble Wrap Art Prints

Welcome to Earth Week! This is a time to celebrate the Earth and also see what we can do help the environment. Earth Week is an opportunity to talk to your children about respecting the environment and see what changes you and your family can make to help the Earth. Earth Day is April 22nd, and it’s the 50th anniversary, so make sure to do something special to celebrate, and we’re here to help with lots of fun activities!

STEAM Learning Lab – Family Friday

Thanks so much for participating in Week of the Young Child with us! For our last day, we are talking about families. Everyone’s family is special and unique, so we chose projects that can help you learn a little bit more about your family. We have two guests who have created fun projects that you can do with your family at home.