Social Story

Today I’m visiting Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum located downtown Salt Lake City. Discovery Gateway offers 60,000 square feet of interactive, hands-on fun.

Many people enjoy visiting Discovery Gateway. When I arrive to Discovery Gateway, I will enter through the first or second level doors.

When entering Discovery Gateway, I will follow the colorful stairs to navigate myself and my family to the Admissions Desk.

I will wait in line with my friends and family to purchase admission. You will receive a wristband for your admission. I can ask a worker or someone in my family for help to put it on.

During my visit to Discovery Gateway there will be bright lights, loud noises, daily activities or music. If I start to feel overwhelmed I can ask a floor staff for a sensory bag. Your group or family will check out the sensory bag at the Admissions Desk with our staff.

Sensory bags include: noise canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards. Weighted lap pads are also available. Sensory bags are available to all guests visiting the museum who may feel overwhelmed by the environment.

The bathrooms are located on the first and second floor of Discovery Gateway. If I need to use the restroom and can’t find one, I can ask a floor staff to help me.  There is also a family restroom that I can go with my family if I need help.

If I need some quite time during my visit at Discovery Gateway, I can ask my family or the floor staff to go to the dedicated quite areas. Discovery Gateway offers many quite areas that are throughout the museum.