Geometric Sidewalk Chalk Art 

For ages 2 and up 

Islamic Art in the Middle Ages avoided using figural images, and instead produced beautiful art that focused on written words(calligraphy) or intricate patterns. These patterns showcased complex geometric shapes. This artwork really highlights the way that math and art can work together to make a masterpiece. 


With a little inspiration from medieval masterpieces, we are going to get to work making our own geometric artwork. Patterns in art are also a great way to introduce math concepts to young children. This activity gets a little help from taped lines, which can be great for young children. The tape will help keep the edges straight, so little ones can focus on coloring. As your chalk images takes shape, have children identify the shapes that they are making.





  1. Create a large square with tape
  2. Inside of the square, lay down more lines with the tape. This will create a pattern of random sections
  3. Color each section using vibrant colors 
  4. When you have colored in all the sections, remove the tape 
  5. Rinse the chalk off when finished or wait for a rainy day. 
  6. Repeat! What new images can you make 


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