STEAM Programs

The STEAM approach is an especially impactful way to introduce young children to the more traditionally rigorous STEM fields.

Art is a natural entry point into inquiry-based learning for children and allows the other four areas to connect seamlessly together. Children are naturally curious and learn through hands-on experiences that allow them to ask questions, form hypotheses and construct knowledge. This leads to identifying problems and coming up with unique and creative solutions, often creating something completely new in the process.

STEAM Studio + Lab

Discovery Gateway’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) programs offer a wide variety of real world, inquiry-based, participant-focused, and engaging experiences. Programs may vary from short 10-15 minute introductory activities to more in-depth family learning experiences that can last 30 to 60 minutes. Local artist, scientists, and other community partners such as the Bureau of Land Management, U of U Science Department, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and the Utah Division of Arts and Museums are a few of the community partners who have collaborated with the museum. We strongly believe that through interaction with STEAM exhibits and programs, participants have the opportunity to experience wonder, inquiry, experimentation, problem solving and are most importantly learning through play.