Fried Milk
Confucius Institute

We are thrilled to share this recipe with you in celebration of the Chinese New Year! Special thanks to the Confucius Institute at The University of Utah for sharing this amazing recipe with us! Watch the tutorial video here:



  • Whole milk: 2 cups + 1 tbsp (500g) 
  • Cornstarch: 160g (3/4 cup (60g) for mixing with milk; 1/2 cup (100g) for breading)
  • Sugar: 1/3 cup (40g) or more
  • Panko: 1¼ cups (300g) 
  • Egg: 3
  • Vegetable oil: 2 cups + 1 tbsp (500g) 
  • Condensed milk: 1 can


  1. Mix 3/4 cup (60-gram) cornstarch and sugar with milk
  2. Put the milk into a non-stick pan, on high heat. Keep stirring for about 2 mins until the milk congeal. 
  3. Remove the milk from the pan and keep in a container.
  4. Freeze the milk for 6 hours. 
  5. Pop the milk out of the container. Cut into strips. 
  6. Heat oil in a pan to 300 F degree.
  7. Fry the milk strips for 90 seconds until golden.
  8. Serve with sweetened condensed milk