Move Like a Dinosaur Game
Fun for everyone

As we get ready to move like our reptilian friends, let us pause to consider the weird and exceptional example of Spinosaurus. Living during the cretaceous period, Spinosaurus was an enormous meat-eater (about the same size as a T-Rex). Interestingly, Spinosaurus was semi-aquatic, living both on the land and hunting in the water. In order to successfully navigate the undersea, Spinosaurus would use their tail like a fin to propel themselves through the water.

In today’s game, we are going to talk about how different dinosaurs moved and use this as a fun excuse to get ourselves moving! Dinosaurs were well adapted to live in many different environments, and these adaptations meant that different species moved in different ways. Consider how some dinosaurs would need to move quickly, while others were large and slow. Some dinosaurs would be quiet when they moved, and others would be loud.  This game offers a great chance to think about why dinosaurs (and other animals) move as they do.


  • Chalk
  • Sidewalk


  1. One person starts the game by drawing a dinosaur movement/activity in chalk on the sidewalk.
    Here are some fun example ideas:
    • Stomp Like a T-Rex
    • Flap Like a Pterodactyl
    • Walk on hands and knees like a Stegosaurus
    • Hatch like a dinosaur egg
    • Oh no! Avoid the lava (draw lava and stepping stones)
    • Freeze like a fossil for 10 seconds
    • Swim like a Plesiosaur
    • Run like a Velociraptor
  1. The person behind them follows by doing their activity, then add an activity of their own
  2. Take turns adding silly movement activities and completing the chalk course

More Fun

  • Time your children to see how long it takes to do the whole course!
  • Make the obstacle course in front of your house. Will your neighbors join in the fun?
  • Check out this article on the Spinosaurus!
  • Try typing Spinosaurus into your smartphone in a google search… Will you have a surprise visitor?

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