Playful Learning to Complement Classroom Learning

Enjoy programs that supplement your curriculum and help students develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills through a Discovery Gateway field trip, educational workshop, or our Kindergarten or Fifth-Grade science outreach programs.

Our programs align with Utah State Core Curriculum in Art, Science, Social Studies and more, offering you the opportunity to choose topics that complement your classroom learning.

Field Trips

Discovery Gateway STEAM-Guided Field Trips encourage students to discover, explore, and create with interactive, hands-on exhibits. Our interactive components and imaginative exhibits will encourage students to explore in new ways.

Potential Energy Program

The Potential Energy program (PEP) is a free, 45-minute per class program. It is an inquiry-based session that covers Utah Core Science Standard 3 Objective 1 for the kindergarten curriculum. Students will participate in hands-on experimentation as well as see demonstrations that show concepts such as gravity, forces, and laws of motion. With guidance from the instructor, students will discover and describe these physics basics without being overwhelmed by complex vocabulary or abstract ideas.

Reaction Time

Reaction Time is our hands-on science outreach program that brings innovative instruction in chemistry to fifth-grade classrooms across Utah. The Reaction Time program is a free, 75 minute per class program, and covers Standard 1 of the fifth-grade science core—matter, physical changes, and chemical reactions.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction was developed to support fifth-grade teachers through informative, hands-on science training, as well as through supplemental materials for use in the classroom. Chain Reaction is a free three-hour workshop.

After School

In addition to Reaction Time and Potential Energy, Discovery Gateway has developed an Afterschool enrichment program in partnership with Salt Lake City School District, beginning in two Title I schools located near the museum. The enrichment program supports the existing district program running in the schools with weekly informal STEAM experiences for children in grades K-6. Using the Engineering is Elementary curriculum as a foundation, Discovery Gateway visits the school and presents a lesson. The students visit the museum the following week to connect classroom concepts with real world experiences through hands-on exhibits. Discovery Gateway plans to broaden this program to include five more schools over the next three years.

NEW NASA Lunar Rock & Meteorite Certification 

Tuesday, August 7 | 9 am – 2:30 pm | $10 per person

An instructor from NASA will be coming to take teachers, museum educators, and librarians through a certification process to take part in the Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk Program ( This special workshop will be hosted by Clark Planetarium and Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. It will also include a show in the Hansen Dome Theater and training on a Micrometeorite Gathering Lab. Lunch will be provided. Please meet at the Clark Planetarium at 9:00AM on August 7, 2018.

For USBE credit, sign up for this course on MIDAS using ID# 40758.