Shape Memory Game

Shape Memory Game Ages 3 and up Recognizing shapes is a great way for young children to learn about math. Not only are shapes and angles crucial for future math skills (like geometry), but they can be an easy way to build confidence in early learners. As your child learns to confidently identify a shape, […]

Geometric Sidewalk Chalk Art

              Geometric Sidewalk Chalk Art  For ages 2 and up  Islamic Art in the Middle Ages avoided using figural images, and instead produced beautiful art that focused on written words(calligraphy) or intricate patterns. These patterns showcased complex geometric shapes. This artwork really highlights the way that math and art […]

Pipe Cleaner Numbers

Pipe Cleaner Numbers Ages 4 and up This month we are talking about math! Early childhood math is so important, and can be a great opportunity to build positive feelings about math for an entire lifetime! Math represents the “m” in STEAM( science, technology, engineering, art and math). The reason that we focus so much […]

Counting Flowers

Counting Flowers Ages 3 and up  Welcome to Mathematical May, our month-long celebration of teaching math skills in early childhood! One of the best ways to teach math to young children is to increase their powers of observation. Nature presents many amazing ways to learn math skills. Consider flowers-they are naturally symmetrical and full of […]

Salt Dough Volcano

Salt Dough Volcano Age Group: for ages 3 and up This experiment is a classic, as well as a crowd pleaser. It is a great family activity, because even young kids can help shape the salt dough onto the exterior of our volcano. Using materials like Salt Dough is a great way to strengthen those […]